How We're Serving Your Smile Safely

During this unprecedented time in our lives, we know so much is changing. We're home more often, our daily lives are put on hold, our kids are learning at home, and much, much more.

In an effort to connect with current patients and potential new patients, we have started offering free, virtual new patient exams and Virtual Kids Club appointments. It's helping us create a sense of normalcy when there isn't a lot of that, plus there's the added bonus of not pulling the kiddos out of school when the world returns to normal.

How It Works

Here's how a virtual appointment works:

  • Call or text our office to see if this is the appointment for you!
  • Once scheduled, you'll fill out our online Health History Form.
  • You'll take the photos below and text to us at 330-821-4187. Don't worry if they're not perfect! It's just a good starting point for Dr. Dietrich.
  • Log in to the Zoom link we send you from your computer or phone.
  • Meet Dr. Dietrich and our treatment coordinator from the comfort of your own home!
  • They'll perform a virtual exam, talk about treatment options, and provide a customized treatment plan.
  • Discuss next steps, coming to the office (when we reopen) for an X-ray, and all your questions, if you have any!
  • Go about your day! 25 minutes, start to end, no commute time!

Current Patients

Read special patient instructions and how to check-in virtually.

Virtual Visit

New Patients

Start your new smile from home with a virtual exam!

Start a Virtual Exam