The Culture of Dietrich Orthodontics

Here at Dietrich Orthodontics, we strive to give you the latest information to keep your orthodontic treatment comfortable. While we typically focus on appliance care or fun facts, this month, we’re focusing on your office experience. Of course, the braces are the tools we use to straighten your teeth, but the team behind the treatment—and how they work together—is where your transformation starts. Let’s explore the office culture at Dietrich Orthodontics and what that means for your smile!

A Dedication to Teamwork

Your Dietrich Orthodontics team is committed to working together to give you the highest quality care. Our team is in it for the long haul, with several of us on the team for 20 years—two of us are even at 27 years with Dietrich Orthodontics! That means you won’t see a revolving door or new faces, but you can genuinely get to know the team creating your stunning smile. 

Family Comes First

One thing you’ll love about Dietrich Orthodontics is the focus on family. We value our time together and appreciate you choosing us for your care. We believe that if our team is well cared for, they can better care for you, so we also apply that same care to our team and their families!

Our team enjoys spending time together outside of work, so we prioritize downtime and mental health to keep everyone feeling their best. From meetings and outings to surprise team lunches and random morning coffee, we go above and beyond to make each team member feel appreciated. 

Every Day Is Fun!

Dr. Dietrich always says, “Operate at a 5—not a 1, where you don’t care, or a 10, where everything is so serious.” Essentially, we keep the focus on smiling! Our team has fun, and we create a fun environment for you and your family as you go through treatment. It’s not uncommon to find us singing along to the radio, and we love a good spirit day to do something extra. 

Giving You a Great Experience

We want to ensure you enjoy the process and get the most benefit. We’ll go through every aspect of your treatment plan to ensure you understand and feel comfortable with every step. 

Honesty and integrity are the pillars of our practice, so you’ll get everything you need before starting treatment. If you have questions, we’ll take the time to answer them before moving forward. 

You’ll enjoy contests, prizes, dress-up days, social media features, and more as you transform your smile with our Dietrich Orthodontics team. There are always fun activities around our office, so there’s never a dull moment as you straighten your smile!

The Culture of Dietrich OrthodonticsTransform Your Smile with Dietrich Orthodontics

Here at Dietrich Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer high-quality orthodontic treatment in an environment that makes you feel at home. If you’re interested in learning more about how orthodontic treatment can transform your smile, contact our Canton or Alliance office to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Dietrich today!