Benefits To Kids Starting Treatment In The Summer

Summer isn’t just for vacations and pool days—it’s also the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment for your kids at Dietrich Orthodontics! Here’s why:

More Flexible Scheduling

Summer presents the perfect opportunity for kids to begin their orthodontic journey with more ease, largely thanks to the flexibility it offers in scheduling. Without the regular school hours to work around (or tests, projects, presentations, after-school clubs, practice, et cetera), it is significantly easier for you to book appointments at Dietrich Orthodontics that fit conveniently into your family’s routine. 

it’s also the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment for your kids at Dietrich Orthodontics! Here’s why:

Easier Adjustment Period

Starting orthodontic treatment in the summer gives kids a chance to get used to their new braces or aligners at their own pace. Braces are a temporary lifestyle adjustment with a lifetime of benefits and rewards, but having to make changes to your routine can be difficult, particularly for kids. Beginning care in the summer allows kids to learn how to do the following comfortably at home instead of at school while focusing on schoolwork.

Dealing with discomfort 

Summer break means no school pressure, so kids have all the time they need to deal with the initial weird feelings and discomfort that come with new orthodontic gear. It’s perfect for them to figure out how to handle any soreness by using orthodontic wax, eating soft food, applying ice, or taking over-the-counter medications appropriately. They’ll also have plenty of time to get used to the feel of newly placed or adjusted braces or aligners sitting in their mouth. By the time school starts back up again, they’ll feel like they can handle any situation that comes up regarding their orthodontic treatment.


Some patients find talking just a bit challenging at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, sometimes developing a lisp or a habit of gleeking. Summer days are laid-back and long, which is great for kids to practice talking with their new braces before the start of the school year, where they’ll be speaking to their peers in class, recess, and the cafeteria. This practice time helps them regain their usual clarity in speech by the time they return to school, ready to chat with friends as if nothing has changed.


It’s normal for kids to feel a bit self-conscious about their new orthodontic appliances. Whether your child uses our Damon Ultima System self-ligating braces, Damon clear braces, or Spark clear aligners, looking different can sometimes impact a child’s self-esteem. Summer orthodontic treatment start times allow children to adjust to their new look privately. They can spend time with family and close friends who support them, building up their confidence. By the end of summer, they’re often ready to smile, talk, eat, and laugh—essentially, participate in life—without a second thought, confidently stepping into the new school year.


Adjusting what you eat is a big deal when you get braces. At school, especially at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, when kids are just getting used to not having certain items in their diet, kids might be more likely to ignore or accidentally stray from Dr. Dietrich’s guidelines. If they start orthodontic treatment in the summer, they can take their time to find out which foods are brace-friendly and figure out all the best eating-with-braces hacks, like cutting up big food, at home. That way, by the time school starts, they will have less cravings for food they shouldn’t and have incorporated their new eating habits into their day. No awkwardness at the table while trying to figure out how to eat and no holding up the lunch line second guessing what they should buy.

Oral hygiene

This time is also awesome for kids to step up their brushing and cleaning game. With no homework to hog their evenings or a bus to rush and catch in the morning, they can put more effort into taking care of their braces or clear aligners. It’s also an excellent period for parents to jump in and help out, making sure good habits stick and setting the stage for a smooth ride when school starts back up. By the time school starts, they’ll be pros at quickly cleaning their braces after lunch and keeping their aligners smelling and tasting great throughout the day.

Finish Treatment Sooner

Starting orthodontic treatment over the summer has a sneaky perk—it might just mean spending less time in braces during the school year. 

This head start is super helpful because much of the initial adjustment and any early hiccups happen out of the school spotlight.  Kids get to enter the school year feeling more secure and comfortable with their orthodontic gear, and since they started before the school year, that’s two to three months of orthodontic treatment already out of the way. That’s two to three fewer months their peers will see them with braces or aligners, which means they’ll show off their new and improved smile to their friends sooner.

it’s also the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment for your kids at Dietrich Orthodontics! Here’s why:

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